January 2020 Progress Report

Our team at Regenerating Sonora hit the ground running this January, starting off with the adoption of the Superior Prickly Pear Festival! Formally managed by the Superior Chamber of Commerce, their board voted to transfer all rights and responsibilities over to Regenerating Sonora. WAHOO!!

Additional January highlights include:

  • Completed renovations to host healers like Geri Romero, who will soon serve clients at Leo’s
  • Brought in Community Development expert, Joel Glansburg, who is consulting with us on the Prickly Pear Festival and beyond (More on this coming soon)
  • Met with the leadership at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum and discussed partnership opportunities
  • Interviewed an archaeologist, geologist, local elders and leaders about what makes Superior unique
  • Went to Tucson and met with Permaculture expert, Brad Lancaster, who is now interested in participating in the festival.
  • Met with team members of Native Seed Search and recruited a volunteer for the Prickly Pear Festival
  • Met with members of Local Arizona First, including Kimber Lanning and Chef Gabe Gardner, to discuss Commercial Kitchen concepts.
  • Completed a logo design for the Community Harvesters.
  • Shot a Youtube video for Community Harvesters.
  • Hosted a photo shoot inside Leo’s for an upcoming theatrical performance in Phx.

We’re now building partnerships with key individuals and organizations to support the success of the festival, and the expansion of educational opportunities at Leo’s Community Development Center.

We have a lot going on in February, including hosting a 3 day governance workshop with Sociocracy expert, Diana Leafe Christian, conducting more interviews about what makes Superior unique, and additional partnership meetings for the Prickly Pear Festival.

Onward and Upward!!

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