Superior’s Prickly Pear Festival To Be Managed By Local Non-Profit Organization Regenerating Sonora

Exciting news for our organization and our town as whole!

For the past nine years, the Prickly Pear Festival has been successfully organized by the Superior Chamber of Commerce, achieving a steady increase and broad attendance. The Chamber has voted unanimously to transfer all rights and responsibilities of the event so they can dedicate efforts to their business members.
Regenerating Sonora is a newly founded nonprofit organization dedicated to revitalizing and enriching the quality of life in Superior and its surroundings, its hub of operation is at the Leo’s Community Development Center (formerly Leo’s market) located on 52 North Pinal Ave.

“We are thrilled to take responsibility for the Prickly Pear Festival. This event fits perfectly with our mission to enhance life in Superior and provide exciting and regenerative activities for everyone to participate in.”
~ Christopher Casillas Co- Founder of Regenerating Sonora.

Stay tuned for more updates on this.

Onward and Upward!

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