What will we be thanked for 7 Generations from now? What is required of us in order to pass on a better world than the one we find ourselves in? What would a more beautiful world look like?

Regenerating Sonora, Inc. 501(c)(3) is living these global questions out locally as players in a worldwide localization movement. We believe the greatest potential to actualize systemic health for all is found at the community level. By advancing the development and exchange of diverse forms of local capital, we’re doing our part to see all life flourishing in the Sonoran Desert.

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Regenerating Sonora was founded to help all life flourish in the Sonora Bioregion. We’re devoted to the regeneration of human communities and natural environments. Our initial focus is the rural copper mining town of Superior,  Arizona.



With a team of experts and enthusiastic volunteers, we’re creating the Erickson Micro-Farm in the town of Superior, named after one of our first local supporters. We’ll be using “regenerative practices” to provide food, togetherness and practical education for the people of SuperiorWe are seeking funds to secure the land, purchase materials, and set up the farm for the local community to enjoy.

Watch a 2 min video about an aspect of our farming methodology


We’re about to launch a program called SenseMaker®, a remarkable way to gather stories and insights from the citizens of Superior. Through SenseMaker, we’ll create a wellspring of firsthand experience, available to everyone. This resource will help the community know itself better and guide its future development. We’re seeking funds for the software and training to implement the SenseMaker program.


We need to raise $15,000 to launch our next two projects. Your tax-deductible donation will be hugely appreciated. By giving to Regenerating Sonora, you’ll be laying foundations for a future of positive change in Superior and beyond.



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Superior Community Action Network

In response to COVID19, Superior Community Action Network (Superior CAN) formed as an ever evolving grassroots working group to address community member needs. Regenerating Sonora kickstarted, funds, and assists Superior CAN with strategy and organizational support. Superior CAN is currently running a free summer meals program for citizens 18 and under, providing support for families while school is out. Superior CAN network members are multigenerational, spanning from elementary school aged to senior citizens. #SuperioPuede

Speakers and Partnerships

World-class change makers are drawn to Leo’s Community Development Center because they see our inherent potential. We’ve hosted Regenerative Development leaders from the US, and through international partnerships with groups like POCACITO, we’ve brought in European experts like Martine Postma, founder of the global movement, Repair Cafe, and Matilda Jarbin, one of Sweden’s top 33 sustainability talents.

Our team members have participated in high-level trainings with organizations like the Regenesis Group and the 8 Shields Institute.

With a bias towards action, we apply what’s shared in our ongoing projects through the lens of locally appropriate application. These talks and trainings spark our imagination, vitalize our work, and bring about unique win-win partnerships.