What will we be thanked for 7 Generations from now? What is required of us in order to pass on a better world than the one we find ourselves in?

Regenerating Sonora, Inc. is living these global questions out locally. We’re spearheading the Re-Localization movement and developing community capacity for advancing the common good.

Despite corporate media’s attempt to paint the picture of a polarized world, we know we have widespread agreement on the core issues. For example, we all want an abundance of clean air, clean water, and healthy food – now, and for generations to come. We want to live in a healthy society where we love our neighbors, where our unique gifts are cultivated and celebrated. What if we can co-create communities that work for all?

May all Life’s needs be abundantly met.

Leo’s Community Development Center

Leo’s Community Development Center is a container for nurturing the potential of Superior, Arizona and the greater Queen Creek watershed it’s nested in. We’re moving towards a locally sourced, circular community through the practice of Regenerative Development. We see Superior becoming a global inspiration in community living.

Examples of what our community is up to:

  • Developing local food systems by launching a network of community gardens and staffing and supporting Superior’s Farmer’s Market
  • Hosting world class thought leaders, and facilitating workshops to cultivate more ideas and inspiration
  • Developing social cohesion by inviting community members to participate in activities like Talking Circles
  • Developing our Story Of Place by uncovering the common pattern language between geological, hydrological, biological, and social organizing
  • Creating space for whatever else wants to emerge. (Repair Cafe?)

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Community Harvesters

Community Harvesters are a team of local food systems developers. Leveraging Regenerative Development and Circular Economy principles and practices, they launch and manage programs that realize the potential of our edible desert.

Programs Include:

  • Gleaning: Community Harvesters glean and process food from partner households who are growing a surplus. Food is then sold at the local Farmer’s Market, maximizing the potential of otherwise wasted food, and adding to the diversity of supply at the market. Funds from sales are reinvested back into tending our partner’s gardens and covering our overhead for the program. 
  • Farmer’s Market support: Along with providing significant food supply for the Superior Farmer’s Market, Community Harvesters also supply many of the smiling faces who staff it. We bring these events to life with live music and the occasional dance party. 
  • Community Gardens: After identifying a number of community members wanting to participate, the Harvesters are birthing the first community food garden to start a local network of additional gardens to come. To support the effort, community members are lending space, equipment and saving their food scraps for compost building. 

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Speakers and Partnerships

World-class change makers are drawn to Leo’s Community Development Center because they see our inherent potential. We’ve hosted Regenerative Development leaders from the US, and through international partnerships with groups like POCACITO, we’ve brought in European experts like Martine Postma, founder of the global movement, Repair Cafe, and Matilda Jarbin, one of Sweden’s top 33 sustainability talents.

Our team members have participated in high-level trainings with organizations like the Regenesis Group and the 8 Shields Institute.

With a bias towards action, we apply what’s shared in our ongoing projects through the lens of locally appropriate application. These talks and trainings spark our imagination, vitalize our work, and bring about unique win-win partnerships.

Talking Circles

The Talking Circle is an indigenous technology that creates a safe environment in which participants can share their point of view with others. It’s implementation is resulting in significant healing and transformation around the world in the context of families, schools, community, the justice system, and beyond. We use Talking Circles to get to know each other better, harvest the collective wisdom of the group, and to resolve conflict.